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Richard Page


Full name:   Richard Page

Date of birth:   May 16th, 1953

Place of birth:   Keokuk, Iowa (USA)

Constellation:   Taurus


Height: 6’

Hair color:  blond

Eye color:  blue


Married to:  Linda

Children:   one stepson:  Tai (°1972), one son:  James (J.D.)
                  two daughters:  Alisha (°1984), Aja (°1986)

Grandchildren:   one granddaughter:  Maleea (°1993 - daughter of Tai)

Parents:   father:  Robert Page (choir director - music teacher)
                mother:  Joyce Horton (°1924 - +1996: organist - music teacher)

Brothers/Sisters:   one sister: Sue Ellen (°1950 - music teacher)
                              three brothers:  Bill (°1950 - constructor), Rob (°1952 -
                              musician for commercials), Dave (°1958 - working for
                              TWA airlines)


Leisure activities:  tennis, biking, surfing, other sports

Favorite car:  BMW


Richard Page was born in Keokuk, Iowa on May 16th, 1953 and began vocal training and playing piano at the age of six. Around the same time his family moved to Montgomery, Alabama. Together with his sister and three brothers he formed the alto, tenor and bass section of his father's church choir. His father is a retired voice teacher and choir director, and his late mother was the associate director of a Phoenix's renowned boys choir.


As a kid Richard used to listen to Cream, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. He wrote songs with his cousin John Lang, which they played on the piano in his father's church.


Later on the family relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where Richard met Steve George. Richard was soon busy mastering the guitar as well as the keyboards. When he was twenty he joined Steve George's band Andy Hardy and later formed a band called Joyce, first playing drums, later doing the lead guitar. Due to lack of success Richard decided to return to L.A in 1975, where he rejoined with Steve George. They performed in L.A. clubs together and eventually moved to Las Vegas. Richard decided to take up studying again when performing became too exhaustive and took composition and theater in a school for performing arts in San Diego, where he wrote and scored a three-act ballet. That only lasted about a year.


When he was twenty-three he rented a tiny apartment in Studio City, and played in various bands (even a country and western group!). Later on Richard and Steve George got together again and recorded a demo tape of original music. They eventually landed a deal with Epic Records and in 1977 they formed Pages. Pages released three albums and disbanded in 1981. They couldn’t really get much commercial success because their sound didn’t fit anywhere when disco and heavy corporate rock were in. Richard and Steve George stayed together and collaborated on songwriting and backing vocals for a wide range of artists such as Molly Hatchet, Donna Summer, Quincy Jones, Amy Grant, Mötley Crüe, Barry Manilow, Twisted Sister, Kenny Loggins, REO Speedwagon, Chicago, Sheena Easton, James Ingram, Al Jarreau, Rick Springfield, Carole Bayer Sager, Dionne Warwick, Patti LaBelle, Jeffrey Osborne and even sung Village People tunes together with Tom Kelly and Chicago's Bill Champlin. Richard also did a Budweiser commercial.


In the beginning of 1982 Richard and Steve George formed a new band, Mr. Mister. Again, they recorded three albums and broke up toward the end of the 1980’s/


In 1992 Richard recorded an album with renowned producer Patrick Leonard under the name 3rd Matinee. Despite its artistic quality, the album didn't sell well, so Richard and Patrick Leonard parted ways and returned to their separate pursuits.


In 1995 Richard agreed to write some songs for the new George Benson album. Blue Thumb Records’s representative liked Richard's songs so much he offered him a deal for a solo album, which led to the release of Shelter Me toward the end of 1996.


Although he has no plans for a second solo album, Richard is enjoying his life in Malibu, California. He most recently contributed to the Disney albums Music From The Park and Winnie the Pooh: The Grand Adventure with Kathy Lee Gifford.


In 1999 Richard contributed backing vocals on the Toto album Mindfields.