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Trade List--Rare Memorabilia

If you're like me, then you probably collect Mr. Mister memorabilia and find it extremely (and annoyingly!) hard to find. Here is a list of the stuff I've managed to pick up over the past year and a half or so. If you have something you'd like to trade or buy, or if you're looking for a specific item, check out my list...and submit your own list using the submission form below.
=Kate Senty=
(Note: Mr. Mister articles and reviews from the magazines are all avaliable to read in the Magazine Articles section)
ATTN: Please include an email address if you submit a trade list because otherwise I can't respond!!! Giovanna, if you're reading this send me an email so I can show you some pics of my posters. Thanks ~Kate
My Mr. Mister Memorabilia
* Live at Daytona Beach, Florida (March 1986)--DVD
* Live at The Ritz in New York (December 1985)--DVD
* Live at Fort Worth, Texas (May 1986)--audio CD
* Welcome to the Real World promo poster
* Go poster
* Picture poster # 1
* Picture poster #2
* Welcome to the Real World tour book (with pictures, band info, and touring credits)
* Reel-to-reel radio show with guest questions, moderated by Scott Muni (October 1987)
* Welcome to the Real World tour pin
* Videos from the Real World (1986) including the MTV music videos for 'Kyrie', 'Broken Wings' and 'Is It Love?'
* Kerrang! magazine (December 1985) featuring Mistery Men article
* Kerrang! magazine (March 1986) with concert review
* Rolling Stone magazine (April 1986) featuring Mr. Mister: Big Hits, Little Respect article
* People magazine (April 1986) featuring Mastering the Hit Parade article
* Star Hits magazine (June 1986) featuring Twisted Mister? article
* Seventeen magazine (May 1986) featuring In the Spotlight article
* Steve Farris & Steve Lukathar 1987 Yamaha APX acoustic guitar ad
* 8x10 publicity photo #1
* 8x10 publicity photo #2
* 'Kyrie' French magazine pinup
* Welcome to the Real World tour t-shirt
* Vinyl 7-inch single w/picture sleeve: 'Kyrie'/'Run to Her'
* 8x10 magazine pinup

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