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Alisha & Kate's Mr. Mister Homepage

Remember the American 80's band Mr. Mister? They formed in 1982, broke up around 1990 and only recorded three (four?) albums together. The big hits: 'Kyrie', 'Broken Wings', 'Is It Love?' & 'Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)'. Even though they only have four well-known songs, the rest of their music is just as awesome.
This is our fansite dedicated to Mr. Mister. We want to be the absolute best it can be, so any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. We have lots of info available; lyrics, magazine articles, event dates and loads more to come. We hope we can expand this site so it really is as useful and informative as possible.
On a last note, thanks for taking a look at our site. We really appreciate it. And if you ever want to chat about Mr. Mister, email us!
Alisha Taylor & Kate Senty
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Mr. Mister: Steve George, Richard Page, Steve Farris, Pat Mastelotto,

The Mr. Mister Lineup
Richard Page--Lead vocals & bass
Steve Farris (1982-88)--Lead guitar
Pat Mastelotto--Drums & percussion
Steve 'Slug' George--Keyboards & vocals