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John Lang

Session Work


Year Artist Album title Contribution
1978 Pages Pages lyrics
1979 Pages Future Street lyrics
1981 Pages Pages lyrics
1982 Tom Scott Desire songwriter
1984 Mr. Mister I Wear The Face lyrics
1985 Mr. Mister Welcome to the Real World lyrics
1986 Soundtrack Youngblood lyrics
1986 Soundtrack American Anthem lyrics
1986 Soundtrack Touch And Go lyrics
1986 Soundtrack Fine Mess lyrics
1987 Grover Washington Jr. Strawberry Moon songwriter
1987 Mr. Mister Go On... lyrics
1988 Soundtrack Stand And Deliver Lyrics
1990 Najee Tokyo Blue songwriter
1990 Wayne Boyer This One's For Me songwriter
1991 Jeanne Newhall Beautiful For No One to See: A Collection bagpipes
1994 David Fathead Newman Mr. Gentle Mr. Cool (Tribute) assistant engineer
1994 John Tesh Sax by the Fire songwriter
1995 Djinn Radio Beirut lyrics, lead vocals, guitar
1996 John Tesh Discovery songwriter
1997 Gloria Gaynor Greatest Hits (Galaxy) songwriter
? George Howard Reflections songwriter
? Ricky Peterson Night Watch lyrics
? East to West East to West songwriter

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